Interview with Luke Woodhouse

Luke Woodhouse has had a place on the PDC Pro Tour since 2018, but it was in the last couple of months of 2019 that he really caught people’s attention. He chats to dartsweb about his emergence on the darts scene, how he took up the game and more.

“I first became involved in darts through my nan and grandad,” Luke told me of his introduction to the sport. “They had a board up in their house I would always play on whenever I was there. I started playing pub league with my uncle on a Wednesday night and then started to do a few local competitions. I then got lucky when someone offered to fund me to do the Challenge Tour and from there I’ve just gone on to do what I do now after getting through Q School in 2018.”

And it was via Q School back in 2018 that Luke got his place on the tour, after four previous attempts. “Q School is always a very tough thing to come through and I only think it’s going to get tougher. After coming close a couple times previously, I just believed I could get through so kept going back.”

As many players find, once Luke got a card, it was most certainly not easy going. Despite some good pay days, it was uncertain if Woodhouse would retain his card towards the end of last year. But an inspired run at the World Championship in December put his card in no doubt, with Luke defeating Singaporean legend Paul Lim and then the previous year’s finalist Michael Smith in the event. “I wasn’t taken aback by it all as I’ve always had the belief I had the ability – it was more trying to learn how to cope with the mental side of the game which I feel I managed to do later on last year. I feel this helped in my good runs at the Players Championship Finals and Worlds.”

Luke was on fire towards the end of 2019, defeating two PDC big hitters in as many months at the Players Championship Finals and the Worlds

Luke also referred to successes at the Players Championship Finals, and this time it was defending PCF champion and former World Grand Prix winner Daryl Gurney on the end of it, with the 31-year-old defeating Gurney in the 1st round. “Going into the match, I know I had nothing to lose and I just treated it as a warm-up to get used to the big stage and crowds and to get me ready for the Worlds. It was always going to be a tough game against Daryl but I knew I had been practicing well going into the tournament.”

And finally, now a few months into 2020, Luke outlined his ambitions for the year. “I’m not really a target setter in all honesty but as long as I improve this year it will be a good season for me. Obviously I want to make sure I qualify for as many TV competitions as possible but mostly the World Championship again.”

Luke will be facing Josh Payne tomorrow at the UK Open, last up on the main stage tomorrow afternoon.

Image Credits: Mastercaller

Thanks to Luke Woodhouse


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