LIVE: 2020 PDC Q-School day 1


Welcome to day 1 of 2020 PDC Q-School live. Updates below from both the UK and European events. Latest from top of the page.

18.11: And that brings to an end today’s live coverage of Q School. Full results can be found here (for the UK event) and here (for the European event).

18.10: Jason Lowe is the last man to win a tour card today, beating Steve Brown 5-1.

17.49: Gary Blades has won the second card of the day, defeating Tony Newell in the last 4. The last card will go Steve Brown or Jason Lowe.

17.24: Harald Leitinger wins the first Tour Card, defeating BDO number 5 Martijn Kleermaker 5-4.

17.05: The Hammer wins his last 16 clash 5-4, coming from 4-0 down to reach the last 8. Also winning in the last 16 in Wigan are Jason Lowe and Tony Newell.

16.52: Martijn Kleermaker and Harald Leitinger will battle it out for a Tour Card in the day 1 final in Hildesheim, after they won 5-4 and 5-2 respectively.

16.41: Last 4 kicking off now in Hildesheim, with Boris Krcmar vs. Martijn Kleermaker and Brian Raman vs. Harald Leitinger.

16.29: The Hammer comes through 5-2.

16.23: Scrappy last 32 game here between Andy Hamilton and Daniel Lee. Hamilton leads 3-2.

16.14: Lisa Ashton loses at the last 32 stage to Gary Blades. Also out is Damon Heta, losing to Tony Newell and David Evans, losing to Daniel Lauby.

15.55: Mark Dudbridge through, defeating Paul Dulson 5-4. Alan Norris is out – he lost 5-3 to Andy Hamilton.

15.46: Hildesheim last 16 results, with 2 to complete:

Brian Raman 5-2 Tytus Kanik
Franz Roetzsch 5-4 Wesley Plaisier
Kay Smeets 5-3 Thomas Junghans
Harald Leitinge 5-2 Wesley Harms
Martijn Kleermaker 5-4 Thibault Tricole
Tonny Veenhof 5-3 Derk Telnekes

15.43: DartConnect appears to be struggling again, so eyes back to the PDC page. Chance to take stock though. In the last 64 at Wigan, both James and Joshua Richardson have fallen, as well as Jamie Caven and John O’SheaAdam Hunt got the better of Tony O’Shea 5-4, and Ritchie Edhouse has defeated Andrew Gilding.

15.41: Lisa Ashton is through to the last 32, defeating Gary Eastwood 5-3.

15.38: Over in Hildesheim, Martijn Kleermaker has beaten Thibault Tricole 5-4.

15.37: Sherrock OUT – loses 5-4. Lisa Ashton at 3-3 with Gary Eastwood.

15.34: Missed doubles galore there – Sherrock saves her skin to take the game to a last leg decider.

15.32: Fallon Sherrock 4-3 down to Darryl Pilgrim. Also, not to be for Mario Vandenbogaerde who loses in the last 32 in Hildesheim. Brian Raman through to the last 8 there.

15.22: A lot of attention on Fallon Sherrock today but she is a break and 2-1 down in her last 64 match.

15.09: Dart Connect is back up-and-running now so more live updates from the last 64 in Wigan and last 16 in Hildesheim to come. Notable results from the last 32 of the European Q-School:

Wesley Harms 5-3 Chris Landman
Dragutin Horvat 5-3 Boris Koltsov
Thibault Tricote 5-3 Jimmy Hendriks

15.06: Three-times world champion John Part also fell in the last 128

15.01: Last 128 mostly completed at Wigan. Selection of the results:

Ritchie Edhouse 5-3 Jim Williams
Fallon Sherrock 5-4 Paul Nicholson
Tony Newell 5-4 Diogo Portela
Lisa Ashton 5-1 Martin Grearson

Mikuru Suzuki and Deta Hedman were also defeated in the last 256.

14.11: A few noteworthy results from Wigan in the last 256:

Brett Claydon 5-3 Richie Burnett
Fallon Sherrock 5-1 Ray Campbell
Paul Nicholson 5-0 Stuart Stubbs
John Part 5-4 Dave Parletti
Lisa Ashton 5-3 Matt Padgett

14.03: Some updates from Hildesheim – Chris Landman, Brian Raman, Boris Koltsov and Derk Telnekes are among players in the last 32. Yesterday’s Dartsweb guest Martijn Kleermaker also impressing with a 108 average in the last 128. He has since booked his place in the last 32 too. Waiting on updates from Wigan…

13.44: Sorry for the lack of updates – DartConnect is down.

13.21: Michael Unterbuchner is out, losing 5-4. Vandenbogarde comes through however, now in the last 64. Trying to get the latest from Wigan but DartConnect appears to be down…

13.17: Scott Waites is out, losing 5-2 to Huckvale. Arguably the biggest shock of the day.

13.14: Shock over in Hildesheim – Cody Harris falls in the last 128.

13.11: Mitchell not having too much trouble, leading 3-0. Scott Waites however is on the edge of defeat, down 4-1 to Adam Huckvale.

13.07: Ritchie Edhouse one of the first through to the last 128 in Wigan, winning 5-0.

13.02: Former Lakeside finalist Jeff Smith has made it through 5-2 with a strong performance, averaging 95. Mouth-watering clash between Scott Mitchell and Kasumi Sato about to kick off.

12.54: Last 256 in Wigan and last 128 in Hildesheim getting underway now, Brian Raman and Thibault Tricole amongst those through early on. Scott Waites and others yet to play in Wigan though.

12.35: Over in Hildesheim, Justin van Tergouw is in action, currently 2-1 down. Chris Landman is 3-1 up.

12.26: Alan Norris through 5-1.

12.20: Cody Harris is through to the last 128 of the European Q-School. He is a big danger today.

12.16: Kai Fan Leung hits an incredible 107.4 average to make the last 256. Recent BDO World Youth champion Keane Barry loses out 5-4. On the oche at the moment is Corrine Hammond, who is losing 2-0.

12.12: Kevin Painter is through also, winning 5-1 against Stu Wilson with a 98 average.

12.03: Nicholson races through 5-0, as does Dave Parletti.

11.51: SCORES FROM THE BOARDS: Paul Nicholson just kicking off against Martyn FowlerDave Parletti up 2-0 and Mario Vandenbogarde up 2-0.

11.49: Darryl Fitton loses out 5-3 to David Evans.

11.47: John Part, three-times world champion, wins 5-0.

11.45: Robbie Green comes through 5-4

11.41: Very tasty game over in Wigan. Former World Masters finalist Robbie Green locked at 4-4 with Mark Barilli, who hit a 125 out to save his skin.

11.34: Casey Gallagher through 5-4.

11.32: Despite some early problems, pretty simple in the end for Lisa Ashton, who wins 5-1. Darryl Fitton in action now.

11.30: Jim Williams is through 5-3, joined also by Cameron Menzies. We are onto the last 256 in Hildesheim now, given it is a smaller draw, so will see some of the players who have received byes very soon.

11.27: Back in control – Ashton leading 3-1 with the darts after a break.

11.25: Ashton leading 2-1 with Richie Walsh.

11.21: Last week’s BDO World finalist Lisa Ashton underway now. She came 1 match from winning a card last year – can she win one this year?

11.18: Former BDO World Trophy winner Jeffrey De Graaf has registered a 105.8 average in his last 512 match!

11.16: BDO World finalist Jim Williams in action now, 3-1 up on Tom Dawson.

11.12: Beau Greaves has lost to Brisbane Darts Masters champion Damon Heta 5-3, a rough 1st round opponent. Also through is Deta HedmanKyle McKinstry and Richie Burnett.

11.05: Mark Dudbridge and Alan Tabern both coming through early on.

10.59: UPDATES: Mikuru Suzuki through 5-1 against Kirsty Chubb, Seigo Asada through 5-1 and World Masters champion John O’Shea a 5-1 victor too.

10.58: Convincing 5-1 victory for The Hammer over Mario Portela.

10.53: Daylight for The Hammer! He now leads 3-1 with the throw.

10.52: Andy Baetens amongst those through early on, but Sebastian Steyer out.

10.51: The Hammer leading 2-1 after a shaky leg on throw.

10.43: Tasty game to look out for over in Wigan, with former world finalist Andy Hamilton facing Mario Portela.

10.39: So, action kicking off as I said. A few notable players warming up over in Wigan, with Fallon Sherrock, Deta Hedman and Seigo Asada kicking off their campaigns. Over in Hildesheim, former BDO World quarter-finalist Andy Baetens is 3-0 up in his last 512 game.

10.36: Welcome to 2020 PDC Q-School day 1 live on dartsweb today. Action is kicking off already.

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