Darts Fans: Darts Planet TV

Hello and welcome to another edition of ‘Darts Fans’, the feature where I chat to fans of the sport, involved in darts or not, who tell me about how they became interested in the sport, what they enjoy about it most and much more. In the hot-seat today is Gav, the founder of Darts Planet TV, a channel dedicated to posting content about the sport, featuring news, interviews and other features. “My family always used to play at Christmas when I was young at my nan’s. It was always so much fun and we then put a dartboard up at home and I used to play lots of darts with my dad, uncles, brother and friends.”

“I loved the Phil Taylor vs. Kevin Painter final of 2004 when it went to a deciding leg and also the two nine darters from Taylor against Wade in the Premier League final of 2010,” Gav said of his favourite darting memories. “I will always remember, further back, watching the Deller vs. Bristow final and the Taylor vs. Gregory final as well as many Priestley ones. What a player Dennis was!”

As for his darting talent, the Darts Planet TV presenter told me any plans of a professional career are a pipe dream, “I have a few games with my kids and if friends come round however I’m not very good. I do enjoy playing when I get a chance.”

Darts Planet TV launched late last year

Gav’s Darts Planet TV, which launched late last year, has built a large following and the channel already has over 3000 subscribers on YouTube and over 2000 followers on Twitter. I asked Gav what encouraged him to set the channel up, “My wife got really ill and I was really busy with work and looking after the kids. I had very little time for myself and, at one of her hospital appointments, the consultants suggested I did something I really enjoy as an outlet. I am football mad but also love darts and knew I would have lots of fun creating a brand and videos and, as a result, it’s been so much fun.”

“The response has been amazing. I sometimes find it hard to believe it’s only a matter of months old as I have covered so much already and been very lucky to have a number of players, pundits and statisticians on as well as many subscribers. I have built up great connections within the darts world and have been lucky enough to get some sponsors for my channel and brand.”

Additionally, the 41-year-old told me of his ambitions for Darts Planet, “My aim is to make it so most darts fans and players have heard of it, even if they have not watched it. I would love it to become a leading name in darts. I am already working on new ideas and projects, including a £5,000 prize fund for the new Darts Planet Open Tournament.”

Finally, as I ask all ‘Darts Fans’ guests, I asked Gavin to make one prediction about the future of darts, “It will just continue to grow. Nothing would surprise me really with all the countries that love it and promote it now, It’s only a matter of years before many countries will be producing world-class players and who are in the top 32, making it even bigger, if that’s possible.”

Thanks to Gav from Darts Planet

Darts Planet TV – YouTube

Darts Planet TV – Twitter

Darts Planet TV – Website


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